“It’s raining inside” tonight

On any other Tuesday evening I would have been cozied up at home with wine in hand and Netflix streaming on the screen. However, this was November 20th and it was Humans “Going Late” LP listening party. So I strapped on my dancing shoes and tip-tapped-toed into the night. Bo Jack be damned! As I came upon The Fox Cabaret I could already hear Humans’ meaty beats bouncing down the steps leading up to The Projection Room; the dark and funky cocktail lounge perched on the shoulders of The Fox. It was a perfect venue to showcase the new album. “Going Late” is the follow up album from beloved Vancouver duo, Robbie Slade and

Peter Ricq, to their Juno nominated 2015 offering; “Noontide”. If what you love about Humans is their ability to craft blissfully naive pop melodies and then thump them into maturity with strategically landed dusky beats, then you will not be disappointed. “Going Late” is ladened with all the hooks and grooves you have come to expect from Humans; however, this album is more focused and flows with a coherent progression leaving you both satisfied and with the need to dance. Everyone at the show that night were nodding and bobbing in agreement. The Projection Room is a wonderfully intimate joint and the room was bustling that night. It only made sense to queue up for one of the delicious cocktails being shaken up at the bar. Before I knew it, the line up distorted into the dance floor. The rest of the night was a sweaty mess of whiskey sours, rogue balloons, and soggy pizza. It was the human experience at its best.

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