• Aurora Sol


Review: The Feels EP by HUMANS (released January 2018) After a some time away from the release spotlight as they did some touring, focused on individual projects and set some major career milestones (playing at Coachella, being nominated for a Juno, just to name a couple) beloved west-coast electronic duo HUMANS are back with a brand new EP that speaks to their experiences and growth as a band. While holding true to the unique rolling synth licks both reminiscent of modern pop and unique to HUMANS, the songs on this release seem to have an added element of percussion in comparison to the minimalist synth bangers of their past discography. As a former fan of the band, I get the feeling that this EP is the beginning of a new adventure. The title track is punctuated with a dark, ominous drone that buzzes lowly alongside a heavy-hitting bassline reminiscent of acid house. The track comes together with a full-bodied percussion that rolls smoothly into the hypnotizing vocals. Perfect for the dance floor but just as appropriate for a night drive through the city. The EP continues to be a treat for any dance music aficionado with rich, deep synth bangers decorated with plenty of hihats, rolling basslines and unexpected twists to keep you moving and on your toes waiting for their next release.


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